Rustam Issakhojayev

Project Specialist / Project Manager


Mr. Rustam Issakhojayev works as a Project Specialist of the EU funded Nexus Dialogue in Central Asia project (Phase 1 and 2) and a Manager of the UNCCD Secretariat funded Regional Approaches for Combating Sand and Dust Storms and Drought in Central Asia project.

He has previously worked at CAREC, UN ESCAP, USAID, ISEPEI and World Bank in different capacities. Rustam has working experience in analytical work and project management in the field of Water and Energy Resource Management in Central Asia including DRM and maintenance of Small HTI.

He ensured the fulfillment of regulations regarding PPP, Energy, Infrastructure and Citizen Engagement into project implementation and worked with national and international experts in pursuit of mitigating adverse environmental impact of anthropogenic activities and natural events.

Mr. Issakhojayev holds an MBA degree from the Narkhoz University named after T.Ryskulov, an MS degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy from the Central European University and a BA degree from the University of Southern California in Political Science.