Ludmila Petrova


NGO "Anegl"

Ms. Ludmila Petrova is the Director of NGO “Anegl”, Master of Science in Ecology, studied the nature of floods during spring floods and the impact of climate change on natural disasters, developing measures to reduce flood risk using the example of the Zhabai River in Atbasar.

He has the qualification “chemist – ecologist”. As well as legal education in the specialization “Environmental law: Mechanisms of public participation in state environmental programs.”

She is leading the public association “Angel” for over 20 years – development, management, implementation and reporting of many socially significant and environmental projects. She has an extensive experience in conducting informational eco-campaigns and campaigns for the population (on climate change, energy conservation, chemical safety, reducing the harmful effects of polyethylene, public participation in decision-making, public monitoring, etc.).

NGO “Angel” under the leadership of Lyudmila Petrova acts as a voluntary civic support center for rural initiatives in Akmola region. Voluntary resource center for informing the population about the implementation of the norms of the Aarhus Convention. One of the founders of the national network of the Eco-Forum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, coordinates the working group “Public Monitoring and Expertise”. Founder of the National Network of NGOs of Kazakhstan on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

She worked as a national expert on public awareness and work with the media at UNDP (UNDP / GEF project “Initial Assistance to the Republic of Kazakhstan in the implementation of obligations under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants”).