Svetlana Mogilyuk

Chairman of the Public Association “ECOM”

Member of the CAREC Board of Governors

Ms. Mogilyuk Svetlana Vladimirovna is the Chairman of the Public Association “ECOM”, the chairman of the Regional Coalition – Public Alliance of Pavlodar region and the Coordinator of the Aarhus Center. Since 2018 – Member of the CAREC Board of Governors.

Ms. Mogilyuk lectured at Higher Educational Institutions in Pavlodar for over 20 years. As an expert she participated in international projects on transboundary Resources Management in the Irtysh River Basin, integrated water resources management and water conservation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

Svetlana Vladimirovna was a member of the national working group on the development of the Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the transition to the “green” economy, UNDP expert on the preparation of a national communication on climate change, as well as an OSCE expert of national Aarhus Movement Development Plan in the Republic of Kazakhstan. She took part in the Second, Third, Fifth and Sixth Meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention.

Svetlana Vladimirovna is a Candidate of Geographical Sciences, scientific specialty – geoecology.