Elizaveta Khazieva

GIS Specialist

WB CAMP4ASB project

Ms. Elizaveta Khazieva is GIS Specialist, WB CAMP4ASB project, CAREC.

Ms. Elizaveta is a graduate of the Geography Faculty of Moscow State University (MSU) and the Department of Environmental Management and Geopolitics at the Central European University (CEU). She is a lecturer at the Moscow State University (Faculty of Geology), CEU (GIS laboratory) and Free University of Amsterdam (Department of Nature Management).

She has more than 10 years of experience working with commercial (Hexagon, ESRI) and open source (GeoServer, Google) GIS systems and Earth remote sensing data in various fields, such as forestry and agriculture, oil and gas sector, energy.

She participated in development of corporate GIS both in state-owned companies (Roskartografia, DIT of the Moscow Government, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation) and private organizations, in the development of an integrated solution architecture, taking into account the specifics of the organization and the implementation of spatial data management systems.