The 4th day within the 12th CALP

#CAREC_news The issues of integrated approach in water management for sustainable development of the CA countries, cooperation in transboundary basins as well as sustainable water use  have been highlighted on the 4th day within 8,9 and 10th sessions of the Leadership Programme.

Key speakers: Mr. Alexander Nikolayenko, Regional advisor, German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ); Ms. Yekaterina Strikeleva, USAID WAVE project; Ms. Anna Inozemtseva, USAID WAVE project; Mr. Matus Samel, Public policy expert at The Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Resources, Climate & Sustainability, and Globalisation & Trade practices; Ms. Therese Rudebeck, Programme Officer at the Swedish Water House (SWH), SIWI; Mr. Luc Alber, Project Officer, Water Footprint Implementation (WFI).

As a follow up to the in-depth discussion, a special focus was made on water diplomacy and regional cooperation on water management.

The session was moderated by Ms. Tais Reznikova, Manager of the Water Initiatives Support Programme, CAREC, and attended by Mr. Kerry Schneider, Senior Programme Manager, Transboundary Water Cooperation Department, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI); Ms. Sogol Jafarzadeh, Environmental Affairs Adviser, OSCE Secretariat; Mr. Umidkhon Uzbekov, National Coordinator CAY4W in Uzbekistan and Ms. Zhaniya Khaibullina, National Coordinator CAY4W in Kazakhstan, as keynote speakers.

The final topic on «Women, Water Management and Conflict Prevention» was presented by Ms. Giulia Sechi, Adviser on Gender Issues, OSCE Secretariat and Ms. Tais Reznikova. #CAREC_Calp